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Sail Above Stormy Waters!

Sometimes you can feel as if you are on a tidal wave of worry and can barely hang on, and moments like these are when you just need to hold on...

Anxiety and worry can come in many shapes and forms, from tension in muscles, headaches, insomnia, stomach issues, overthinking, chronic pains, breathing issues, panic attacks and more.Those moments can be short and also continuous, leading to bad habits and depression.

So how do you get through these difficult times?

Firstly, know that everything comes in waves... That includes intrusive thoughts, tension, pain and anxiety. When you feel a tense moment coming on STOP...

  1. Hold your breath for 6 seconds then take in a deep breath through your nose and release for a count of 6

  2. Hold again and release.

  3. Do this for at least 60 seconds and let that wave of stress roll right over you!

  4. Think of a time, place, moment when you were feeling relaxed, stress and worry free, that moment when you felt confident, carefree, and in control.

  5. Remember another time where you were worried about something and it worked out, you made it through the rough patch and now, give yourself credit.

  6. Accept the success you have had, even in the smallest moments, as this is the key to appreciation and getting through the most difficult situations.

  7. Take even deeper breaths, really relax into that knowledge that you have managed to hold on, getting through and succeeding. You have done it once and you want to, need to and will...succeed again!

"Life is just a sea full of waves and you are the ship sailing above and through each one, moving forward to new experiences and adventures." MCS

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