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Certified Hypno- Specialist

Hypnotherapy Cert: M.R.C.H- U.S / R.T.T- U.K / PTSD Therapy:Beat Retreat- U.S /Hypnosis Cert: Jacquin Academy- U.K

"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world,

Today I am wise so I am changing myself" Rumi

Hypno-Specialist & Advice Columnist

My name is Mary Collins and I've been a multimedia journalist for over twenty years and I have found a passion and calling for hypnosis help practices. During an intense media career with travel and long gruelling hours, it all finally took its toll on my body and I found myself in pain a lot of the time, taking medication that did more harm than good.


But, I continued with my media career till my body simply broke and back surgery was all that I was offered. Though relief lasted a while, the complications of surgery created a domino effect on my spine and health, and I, who had always been in control and ahead of "the game" found myself spiralling into anxiety and depression.


Then, the one strong force in my life, my mother, became ill with cancer and her sickness rippled through my emotions manifesting physically, and leading to even more illnesses. I managed to carry on work contracts but felt lost and broken till one day I came across a Hypnotherapy course that sparked my curiosity.


The course was intense, an eight-hour day, three month course, but I found it easy as I had great control over my ability to emphasise and communicate.


I graduated top of my class and took control of my pain and my life. I have worked with a variety of clients with issues ranging from neurological damage, emotional disorders,A.D.H.D, severe anxiety, P.T.S.D. and more. I am working on a new combined therapy of Chromotherapy (Colour /Light Therapy) and Hypnosis on a term I coined as Chromohypnosis which I am currently studying the effects of with clients, especially those with Aphantasia. My years working in television and on other social media platforms has given me the skillsets to adapt and create new therapies as we advance with AR and VR technology.


Helping clients and their families through the emotional, mental, and physical effects of cancer has been one of the most satisfying treatments of all because I have helped them take control over the pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional. The mind is the key and I want to help unlock you from the chains. Let's make that change together!

Client Reviews

Lisa I.

"My first session and already the pain I wanted to go away has! Days afterwards I’m feeling relief and can sleep a full night. Mary loves to heal, and it shows."

Christina D.

Great work. I felt we had a good connection, Mary used different techniques to tackle the issues and I got so much out of the work. Thank you very much, very helpful and insightful!

Kay G.

I had just a brief taste of the hypnotherapy, but it gave me immediate results! I am truly amazed and will explore it further, as I could already see the benefits.

Tracy D.

I had a session a few days after a round of very strong chemotherapy. I am telling you that was the one week where I bounced back the fastest, had no insomnia, no nausea (inconceivable!) and for my pain I didn't even need to take tylenol. I keep expecting my weeks after to be similar but they haven't been. Hypnotherapy made a huge difference and I plan on using it for my final two infusions so I can get back to life faster and just feel human. Seriously worth it. What have you got to lose? Only the bad stuff.


Thank you Mary for your wonderful work as a hypnotherapist and your session with me yesterday!
I felt so energised and fresh yet so de-stressed and calm afterwards. I noticed immediate chance both physically and mentally and I am looking forward to where the journey with you may take me!!!
Your kind personality, lovely voice and professionalism is unbelievable! 
Many thanks and I m looking forward to seeing you soon again and continuing that great work and change in my life!

Katie J.

I was having trouble sleeping and one phone call with Marylyn put me on the right track. Sleep is now my friend again and life is good!!!!!

Shawn R.

Mary has a phenomenal way about her, completely honest and receptive. I felt completely at home with her after only two minutes. In one short session she drastically increased my confidence, almost to the point that I couldn't even remember doubting myself if I didn't have countless moaning diaries to prove it. Thank you Mary!

Maddie B.

Mary is amazing, and always makes me feel calm, safe and refreshed after every hypnotherapy session!

Helen O.

"Mary was fantastic! Had a really cathartic first session which left me feeling calm and focused, gaining inner strength and clarity to help me overcome some challenges I was facing."


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