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About the Retreat

The Retreat is located at a private villa with only eight bedrooms, access to a pool and sprawling gardens with orange trees and within minutes walking distance to the beach, vineyards and mountains. The perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation with options to take part in therapies such as Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Forest Bathing, Sea Bathing, hiking and more. Nearby is the village of  Argelès-sur-Mer, France, a beach side resort located in the Pyrénées-Orientales in the Occitanie region of France, located on the warm Mediterranean Sea. The area has year round sunshine and steady temperatures averaging from 13°C27°C.


There is a variety of terrain, being both mountainous, with beaches, vineyards and meadows. Argelès-sur-Mer also has its own little forest called Le Parc des Pins. The Retreat will focus on relaxation and cognisance of oneself and nature

Prices start at €850 per room and include Continental Breakfast.

The opportunities to explore nearby villages as well as the bordering area of Spain, horseback riding, yachting, vineyard tours and having a private chef cooking class session and more are all possibilities.


About Mary

Mary has been a multimedia journalist for over 25 years. After suffering debilitating pain and chronic illness she became trained in an intensive hypnotherapist course 9-5 over 3 months in 2012. Her family life demanded her full attention and with work and travel commitments she put her dream of creating healing and life changing retreats on hold till now. Mary will now bring her skills as a hypnotherapist and lifecoach to events and courses to make changes, helping the community and the individual find, focus, healing and change.

Meet Fiona

Fiona Yoga.png

Fiona is from Scotland and will be joining us this April for the Intuitive Healing Retreat. She works as a Sports Therapist and Educator with over 25 Years of Experience Across Professional Football, Commonwealth Games, Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain and Complex Debilitating Conditions. 

Fiona will be focusing on Yoga and Fascia techniques at the Retreat.

More information about Fiona


Meet Florian

Chef Florian V_edited.jpg


Florian Vallespi, originally from Saint-Laurent learned cooking during trips to different European countries, Morocco and the
Caribbean. He has worked in Paris, Corsica, Saint-Tropez and the Hautes-Alpes. Florian prefers to use products mainly from sustainable and local agriculture and enjoys specialising in Catalonian cuisine.

Florian may join us for a lunch and/or evening to help prepare a course!

Meet Becky H.

Becky Hemsley_edited.jpg

Co Creator of the Intuitive Healing Journal

Becky Hemsley is a UK based poet and author. Becky was a primary school teacher and an educational consultant for over 15 years and is now a full-time author. She has written two poetry collections:  "Talking to the Wild" and "What the Wild Replied", and has recently published "Breathe" as a children’s book. She is drawn to, and moved by nature and its consistencies with human emotion. She has teamed up with Mary Collins to "co- create" the perfect journaling book, that merges her inspirational poetry with Marys' therapy knowledge, combining breathing techniques, self hypnosis, "mindfullness" and the power of journaling.

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