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The Relationship Between AI Artistry and the Health Industry

Artificial Intelligence is on everybody's lips lately and it's creating quite the stir both positively and negatively. The last couple of years has seen unprecedented growth in the tech industry especially in AI and there is growing concern about what that means for people who are being replaced by AI, especially those in the media industry. I had the honour to be part of a group of wonderful panelists expressing their concerns and ideas around how to evolve with this fast paced new world.

I also have concerns about AI, as now there are deepfakes ( AI is used to replace faces and voices and create alternate settings and made up scenarios). I believe there needs to be laws around how AI is applied and credited.

Artificial Intelligence can replace many jobs including voice artists, however, I decided to research how to work with my skill set and the advances in AI.

I found that there are a lot of positive ways AI can be used, including supporting medical advances that can help medical professionals identify Autism and find the precursors for Depression, Dementia and more.

I point out in this discussion how advances in tech with AI can help detect life threatening conditions and prioritise appointments which will help seriously overwhelmed medical services (for example during a pandemic) and in the case of the regular overload experienced by services at NHS.

There are other panelist's takes on AI artistry, so do watch and enjoy the video below and look out for more of my talks on the GatherVerse which focuses on tech, the environment and more!

Watch the video HERE

Further videos from the GatherVerse in which I am a panelist:

Climate Summit: HERE

SHE Summit : HERE

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