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Stuart Robertson - Lifestyle Management Coach

Hello everyone. I am going to be posting some coaching tips, tricks & techniques here for Mary and some of my thoughts on life and the management of it.

Thinking and the behaviours that follow are where my interest mainly lies, and how we can effect changes in an efficient and effective way. There are a lot of buzz words in there for you however I aim to make things as simple as possible.

At times I have disappeared up my own behind... in explaining concepts where I now realise that it was possibly part of my ego at work. The more clients I help, the more confident I am at making it even simpler and not looking for an immediate positive reaction to what I do. Sometimes the outcome of my coaching becomes evident in the thinking or the behaviour of the client much further down the line. That's an internal fight that goes in inside of me, however by asking the question "what did I learn?" from every client contact, I can rationalise and make it a positive experience.

Talking about experience, I am a retired Police Inspector in Police Scotland, having worked in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. I would say the 2 biggest skills from my time would be Chaos Management and Managing my team. If I knew then what I know now I am sure I could have helped many more people, with much better quality.

I am also trained in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Reiki and use a combination of them dependant on the needs of the client, and this is where the core of my posts will originate from.

I am also a Golf Mindset & Performance Coach based at Fairways Indoor Studios, Lanarkshire, Scotland, helping touring Professionals, Amateurs and beginners.

I look forward to writing short and accessible posts for you to enjoy.


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