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Blurred Lines Co-Habitation with Co-Workers

The Fabulous Agony Aunt "Aunty M" answers this month's Simply French Living Magazine readers question;

"Should I shack up with a co-worker?"

“I have had a very lonely lockdown working from home last year, as I also live by myself, well besides my cat Morris. Before the complete lockdown I started to get friendly with a co-worker and they shared with me that they are also single. During last year's “work from home” orders we sometimes talked for a bit after work and joked about shacking up with co-workers to make the commute from the kitchen to the home office a bit more interesting. Now it looks like the ordinance is back on and I am seriously considering moving in with my co-worker. I am quite attracted to him as well and he seems like a really easy-going guy who also likes to cook (a big plus as I spend most of my life ordering delivery from restaurants!) So, I know it's a bit of a risk but I don't want to spend months or longer alone again, what should I do Aunty M??!”


Firstly, I do love the term “Shacking up”! Are you implying that you have already gotten to the stage of sexual relations with your co-worker? If so, one would assume that there is no company rules against fraternisation amongst co-workers? If there is, then you are definitely taking a risk, officially moving in together because surely the wallpaper and decor in your presumably shared office will be a giveaway during those online conference calls?

Other things you might want to take into consideration … How casual and forgiving are you about shared facilities, like the bathroom? All good and well if you live in a sprawling mansion but if it's a one toilet flat, are you ok with the seat up, and toilet roll the wrong way up? These things seem minor till you fall into the proverbial bowl at 2 am because a certain someone has left the seat up!

There’s also Morris to consider, are you taking his feelings into account. Pets, especially cats, don't like to share their humans, so seriously ponder over the long term effects of where this all might go, and measure the benefits over the losses. You may create a new level of tension or “office gossip” at work, or it may end well, with home cooked meals for you and Morris and the perfect mate in which to enjoy even after work hours too.

Mary Collins is a radio presenter and hypnotherapist.

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