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Intuitive Healing and Transformational Mindset Coaching Retreat in the South of France!

Updated: Feb 25 blog is about an upcoming Intuitive Healing and Transformational Mindset Coaching retreat and a introduction to the therapists, the area its being held and what else is planned during the week long Intuitive Healing & Transformation Coaching retreat. Check at the bottom of this blog for your free course offer from Stuart, starting March 3rd!

Meet Stuart Robertson from Stuart Robertson Mindset

Stuart works as a Transformation Coach specialising in Sports Mindset & Performance at his 360 Performance Academy.

He was a former Police Inspector in Scotland. which has helped him to transfer team building and strategic development skills from this life experience ( working in sometimes hostile and challenging situations). Stuart trained in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Reiki and uses a combination of therapies dependant on the needs of the client. His focus outside of C.H.A.N.G.E Retreats is his 360 Performance Academy which works with all sports performance training, his specialty, golfers.

Stuart will be working within group and private sessions focusing on ”Body Mind Connection” and “Transformational Life Coaching”. Mindfulness, workshops, inclusive of Body/Mind balance and motivations to help clients work on the "why?", and "how?" of moving forward towards progressive changes and positive outcomes.

Watch the podcast and see a sneak peek into the South of France Intuitive Healing & Transformational Coaching retreat HERE

Meet Mary Collins Hypnotherapist

Mary has been a multimedia journalist for over twenty years working in television and radio. She uses the gift of her voice and its good vibrations to help guide people through and out of anxiety, stress and pain. Mary realised her calling towards hypnotherapy when she helped a young man recovering from a brain aneurysm, who has gone on to be a published writer and public speaker. She volunteers time to help people work through the pain and nausea experienced as a side affect of cancer and its current treatments (like radiation therapy) with a high success rate. She enjoys using guided mediations to assist with better sleep, pain relief, confidence building and more. Mary has now embarked on a mission to help people rediscover their intuition and its healing powers through mind and body connection.

Stay up to date with more interviews on the CHANGE youtube :

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