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Becky Hemsley Talks about Seasonal Depression & Poetic Expression

Mary Collins and Becky Hemsley talk about the rates of suicide increasing surprisingly in Spring and how S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can affect decision making, the importance of listening to your body and the support around mental health and wellbeing.

Her poetry covers subjects of belonging, isolation, grief and loss, while inspiring with the human connection to nature, and empathy.

Beckys books include "Talking to the Wild" and "What the Wild Replied" and "Breathe" a children's book. Her most recently published books "When I Am Gone" and "Letters From Life"

Her poetry gets to the heart of a subject and I have rarely been as inspired as when listening to, and reading Becky's poetry!


Video Interview HERE 

More information about Becky

Becky Hemsley is a British poet who has reinvented herself and career over the pandemic . She has taken her hobby and made it into her passion and business!

Becky's collection resonates and surpasses age, sex and time. She combines nature, life, grief, courage and spirit over her collection of works.

Breathe: Introduce children to the joys and the beauty of poetry in this fun and relatable

book! A sample of Becky reading a poem from Breathe HERE 

Becky Hemsley Poetry:

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Becky has inspirational readings of books like "Talking to The Wild" inspired by humanity and nature

HERE is are example of her poems

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