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The Importance of Good Audio Sound and How to Get Started

"Welcome to Conversations with Kev" regular Q&A sessions where Kev Webster, talks to hypnotherapists, business specialists, and influencers about the business skillsets needed to run a successful hypnotherapy practice.

Kev's interview with Mary Collins HERE

"Mary will be discussing the importance of getting started with audio, from tech such as mics, to sound and voice etiquette, and script writing. Whether you want to narrate, do voice-overs, or your own podcast and recordings, Mary knows what it takes and what's overkill for beginners Interview"

  • Kev Websters Website HERE

  • Kev Websters FaceBook Hypnosis Business Club HERE

Marys upcoming tutorials Dates:

  • Friday November 25th 20:00 Central European Time with second and third parts on the following Fridays.

  • Sunday December 4th, 7th and 11th. at earlier times.

Course includes :

Get started with tech, voice etiquette, hypno scripting.

  • I’m offering a 3 day course (hour + questions each).

  • 21 Euro for the 3 days!

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