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Level Up! "Create Your Hypnosis Audio" Tutorials

Are you serious about professional sounding audio for your business?

  • Do you have the right microphone?

  • Do you have a set location that is soundproof or set up to produce the best sound quality?

  • Do you know what applications are going to help you make those recordings?

  • Do you have enough power?

Do you know how to edit audio?

  • Do you know how to create that perfect script?

Let me help you get started with tutorials that will:
  • Find the right microphone set up for your needs and purposes.

  • Understand how your recording environment can affect your sound and how to prep any location to work in.

  • Pinpoint and create a script that's right for your client.

  • Record, edit and export the best quality audio for your needs.

Did you know that statistically,

Digital audio listening experiences have a stronger impact on the brain than radio listening experiences: +25% emotional intensity, +28% detail memory, +25% global memory, and +23% engagement and that 74% of listeners consume audio during their daily rituals.
73% of over-12s in the US (approximately 209 million people) listened to online audio in the past month (2022):
* 87% of 12 to 34-year-olds
* 81% of 35 to 54-year-olds
* 52% of 55 and overs

I have been a multimedia journalist for over twenty five years, having worked in television and radio. I know how to get even a "tech newbie" started, and on their way to having great confidence and audio!

If you would like to know more about group classes and individual tutorials, please email me at:

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