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"A Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens

A modernised, sustainable, inclusive, re-write of the classic story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Expect irony, humour, and some hypnotic word play with this fun take on todays current situation and how perspective makes the world of difference!

Rewritten by Mary Collins (aka Catia Lyst)


Narrator: Mary Collins

Scrooge: Anthony Jacquin

Cratchit: Stevie Purnell

Fred: Stevie Purnell

Ms.Jeeves: Mary Collins

Marley: Stevie Purnell

Ghost of Xmas Past: Stuart Robertson

Ghost of Xmas Present: Freddy Jacquin

Paramedic: Tim Stitt

By Stander: Anonymous

Mrs. Cratchit: Freddy Jacquin

Ghost of Xmas Future: Silent

Teenager: Anonymous

Audio Link HERE

Video Link HERE

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