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Upcoming Retreats!

About the Retreats

Upcoming Retreats (with one exception) are located on the warm Mediterranean Sea. The areas have year round sunshine and steady temperatures averaging from 13°C27°C.


The scenery varies, as I look for retreats that offer diversity...

Enhancing the physical and psychological benefits of attendees. 


The current retreats on offer have both mountainous areas, with the sea and nearby beaches. 


  • All Retreats focus on exploration, relaxation and cognisance of oneself and nature.

  • All retreats give you the opportunity to book earlier to receive a $500. discount. 

The opportunities for horseback riding, yachting, vineyard tours and having a private chef, cooking class sessions and more, are all possibilities.

South of France: Mediterranian

The Retreat is located at a private villa with only eight bedrooms, access to a pool and sprawling gardens with orange trees and within minutes walking distance to the beach, vineyards and mountains. The perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation with options to take part in therapies such as Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Forest Bathing, Sea Bathing, hiking and more. Nearby is the village of  Argelès-sur-Mer, France, a beach side resort located in the Pyrénées-Orientales in the Occitanie region of France, located on the warm Mediterranean Sea. The area has year round sunshine and steady temperatures averaging from 13°C27°C.

(Now with the possibility to book additional options also with private pools, coming soon!)


There is a variety of terrain, being both mountainous, with beaches, vineyards and meadows. Argelès-sur-Mer also has its own little forest called Le Parc des Pins. The Retreat will focus on relaxation and cognisance of oneself and nature


(The itinerary may vary depending on the weather and availability of activities)

Here is a little Sneak Peak into what we have planned!





Forest Bathing

Local Tours

   Cultural Exploration

 Guided Meditation

                   Grounding and Healing Techniques

  • There may be additional therapies added to this schedule including:



Singing Bowl Therapy

Colour Therapy,

Crystal Therapy 

Horseback Riding

Stand Up Paddle

Sailing and More !

                                               (Charges May Apply)

Prices start at €2,700. per room (standard double)


Continental Breakfast, Included 

The majority of lunches and dinners are included with the excpetion of those

 taken outside of the retreat on variable days, at attendees own expense (2 lunches +2 dinners) allowing you and the group to experience local cuisine outside of the retreat.


The opportunities to explore nearby villages as well as the bordering area of Spain, horseback riding, yachting, vineyard tours and having a private chef cooking class session and more are all possibilities.


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